Help with video production

Create a story that triggers an emotional connection

If you look at it, all our purchases are actually emotional decisions. Most corporate videos today are merely statements that include facts, figures and beneficial features.

A prominent number of viewers never make it to the end of a video. To make your video memorable, make sure that your video connects with the audience on an emotional level – how will your product make the Show, don’t tell

Video marketing is a rapidly growing tool today as it persuades and informs people in a creative manner.

The visual experience that videos offer surrounds the audience members from all angles. Why have a robotic narration with still photos give away all the details when you can show your product in action?

Video is the perfect tool to sell offerings that give more elusive benefits. For example, imagine selling a perfume merely on the qualities of its fragrance – you can’t. However, video allows you to sell it using positive imagery that promotes the assurance of the fragrance.

The focus is the customer, not you

All that your customers want to know is how your offerings can address their concerns. Yet a diverse variety of corporate videos produced today are not created from the customer’s perspective.

Many companies still continue to produce videos that merely talk about them.

Before you delve into the world of corporate video production, ask questions like; what are their concerns? What do the customers really care about?

Then position your video as a clear-cut answer to those problems.

Share your beliefs; not just your offerings

The internet has dramatically changed the way how people interact with advertising or marketing messages.

Today, customers demand a high degree of transparency from companies. Many businesses are new to this concept, but the truth is, at some point in the buying cycle, you are going to have to give away a bit more of yourself.

What does your company believe in? What are your values? Answering these questions has never been more important before.

Now that you know some of the rules, it’s time to partner with a corporate video production company and start your project.